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About Us

You Will Know The Difference When You Work With VMAG

Our team of professionals are truly passionate about helping every single veteran get the claim they deserve. Even if you've already started the VA claim process, it can be helpful to get a second opinion from a team of dedicated people you can trust.


We often get second opinions on complex or easily misunderstand areas of our daily lives, so why not get a second opinion of your VA disability rating and your current medical conditions that are affected by you service? It could mean the difference between confusion and peace of mind, and ultimately the compensation you are legally and ethically entitled to.  

Migraines, Back Ailments & Chronic Pain

Did you know that most migraines are a ratable VA disability condition? While not always identified during service many medical conditions are a Nexus to migraines ratings. Let's chat about your condition. Do you have Back pains, spasms or other lower, middle or upper back issues? Did you know there are over 50 ratable VA disability conditions within the back and nervous system?

You served your country and our country has provided for our service related and nexus lead conditions to be rated and allowed for VA treatment and compensation. 


Don't wait any longer to access care from within the system.

Let us help you regain your best life!


We are an evidence-based medical company who have partnered with service analysts and Medical and Legal professionals, helping Veterans get the best medical evaluations and the care they deserve.

At Veterans Medical Assistance Group (VMAG), our only goal is to help you through the complex Veterans Administration disability rating and compensation system. We will also educate you on many of the state benefits that veterans may be eligible for. Every aspect of our facility is designed to guide you to a quick consultation and process at a price that you can afford. Our team truly cares about your well being.

Call us today at (256) 645-8168 to learn more about how we can help, or click below to book a free consultation call. 


Joe C.

VMAG provided excellent service from what is a long drawn out process with the VA. They made the process so easy with step by step instructions on what to do.  This place is a one stop shop for all your VA needs 0-60% in 3 months.  

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